Sunday, May 16, 2010

Photo Flip Book

I made this photo book for my friend Amber's wedding present. I really loved it so I thought I'd share some pictures. I'm not sure if they've opened their presents yet, but I'm figuring they won't be checking my blog on their honeymoon cruise. ;]

First, I bought 8.5in x 5.5in page protectors and loose leaf rings from the office supply store.
Stamped and embellished the cover page from a thin sheet of cardboard.
Cut regular sized sheets of paper in half and pasted the photos onto them, added a few embellishments onto the pages. Slipped them into the page protectors and bound all of them together with the loose leaf rings.

I had taken pictures for both her showers so I burnt them all onto a CD and followed loosely Elsie's Indie Mix tape DIY

The finished present:
I hope they enjoy the present as much as I enjoyed making it!!

'night Blogworld,

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