Thursday, May 13, 2010

Whimsical Wednesday

Today, I spent the entire day scrap-booking with my sister-in-law. Well, talking with her mostly, but a lot of scrap-booking also. I tried to start my wedding scrapbook about a month after my wedding, but I think it's one of those activities where you need to let the memories simmer before you do anything with the pictures.

Even as a photographer, there is no substitute for actually experiencing an event. In all of my photos I try to capture a feeling, I strive to freeze that moment in time and keep it locked in the film (or memory card)forever. Quite honestly though, I can't. Sometimes I'll feel so inspired and my memory will be so vivid, that when I look at the film or my camera screen, I'm disappointed. I've told people on several occasions that I wish my brain would print pictures. So many times I've been thinking of this perfect image in my head and I want so badly for other people to see it, but I have a hard time describing it in words, and staging it in a photo is even more difficult.

I suppose that's what most art is, trying to let others see the world through your eyes.

Today, four months and four days from my wedding, enough time has past where I can look through the pictures and scrap-book them. Instead of wishing I had a Flip camera attached to my eyeball. =}

Here's this week's Whimsical Wednesday, even though it is "technically" Thursday since I've been looking through pictures online for so long the day has past.

This week's theme is "Bow, Bows, Bowed"

Heels Bow:

Found here

Clothing Bow:

Found Here

Zooey Bow:

Found here

Minnie Mouse Bow:

Found here

Model-sized Bow

Original image by Armani, I suppose...

Giant Hair Bow

Impressionist Painting Bow

Tattoo Bow

This last one was added because I'm going to get my 1st tattoo soon!!! It is not of a bow, It is going to be an anchor, needle, and thread. I just need it to be drawn up perfectly, or at least in the perfect style.
If any of you can draw or know something that can, Please let me know!

À Bientôt,
                       Rachael Bender

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