Monday, June 14, 2010

The bigger, the better?

 So, I was thinking about the iconic 80s puffy sleeve and trying to see the glamour of it. As a study, I googled and flickred around. I thought these would be a cinch to find, but they weren't! Every single 1980s movie has a dress with extreme puffy sleeves five inches from the arm in each direction. You know the kind. Apparently these just weren't an everyday style or they're just hard to find on the WWW.

What I did find were these:

This is a wedding dress?:

Found Here

Puffy Sleeved Prom Dress

I actually kind of like this. At least on the mannequin, I do.
Found Here

Hermione loves puffy sleeves:
 Found Here

Big, Blue, and Poofy:

Found Here

Polka Dots! My favorite puffy sleeve of the day:

Found Here

To be honest this search made me want to try on some puffy sleeves, it might not be as bad as I thought. Plus, if Emma Watson can rock it, I should give it a shot. I'm going to keep my eyes open for some in my thrifting excursions, I'll take pictures if I find any. =]

Rae Bender

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