Thursday, June 24, 2010

Whimsical Thursday?

Whimsical Wednesday totally slipped my mind yesterday, my week is so off. I didn't post on Monday so my routine went down the drain haha.
I'll make up for it today.

There won't be a particular theme this week, except: Whimsical Thursday; Etsy Style

1) In love with Pyrex these days, but I haven't found a single piece while thrift shopping.
This is a friendship bowl:

2) Beautiful vintage swim suit:

3) The anchor locket:
I'm obsessed with anchors and lockets; what a perfect marriage of the two,

4) Cute simple and fun, bow headband:

Great product photography, as well.

5) Vintage Doctor's Bag
This doctor's bag has the perfect shape; their so hard to find just right.

6) Pale Blue Garden Dress

I love the bows =]

7) 50's dress pattern!
It's even in my size!

8) Vintage purse with Whale design

9) Vintage Blue Suit Case

10) Vintage inspired floral print dress

Now I just need to sell some items from my shop so I can afford these treasures. ;]

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  1. I LOVE Pyrex. Unfortunately, I think too many people are collecting it now and so it's really difficult to find at the thrift stores and the flea markets. But every once in a while you get lucky!!

    xo Erin


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