Thursday, June 3, 2010

Whimsical Wednesday

Whimsical Wednesday on Thursday!

Sorry I've been so spotty with my posting this week. I spent the last two days planning two photo shoots with five ladies, visiting my family, then driving back to phoenix.

So the theme for this week's Whimsical Wednesday is CAKE!

Turtle Cupcakes

Make-up Cake

Muppets Cupcakes

Hello Kitty Cake

Garden Cupcakes

Cake Party

Rose Cake

Lady Bug and Strawberry Cake

Maybe I shouldn't post about cake when I'm hungry, now I want to make a cake ;)
These are too cute to eat though, one day I want to learn how to decorate cake like this. One of my friends makes an extravagant cake for each of her kid's birthdays, they're wonderful and make the events so special.
She even made my wedding cake:
This was the top cake the rest of the tiers were filled with cupcakes =]

I'll be back later with pictures from the Sincerely Rae Vintage shoots.

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