Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Chit Chat

Hello All,

It's been a lazy week for me so I don't have a specific topic today. I finally have every item that's ready up in the shop Now it's time to find models and photograph all the new dress and the three bathing suits! so excited. If any of you are in the Phoenix area and want to be a vintage model for the day let me know.

I've been working on ideas for more tutorials, I always enjoy reading them on other blogs. Even though I'm not very consistent at making them haha. I usually file them away in my "one day I'll make that" section of my brain. I think I'm going to start making them though, then I can post pictures of my results and link back the blog. That way you can share in the fun. =]

I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed blogging this summer, it's something that keeps me consistent. It keeps my creativity flowing, or at least keeps it from stopping... So I'd like to thank you readers, since I know you're floating around out there. You've given me the incentive to keep going, and to keep writing.

Anyways, I've got to get going, I'm going with the church youth group to see Dispicabe Me tonight!! I heard it's hilarious, I'll let you know.


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