Thursday, July 1, 2010

What I found

Yesterday I went on a solo three thrift store tour and it was a pretty amazing day. My friend Tim proposed to his girlfriend Alicia and I was asked to be there to take pictures. He went to the school where she teaches and when she came back from lunch her preschoolers were holding up "Will" "You" "marry" "me?" signs. She said yes. I do so love love.

Here's what I found afterward while shopping.

A gorgeous vintage bathing suit by Maxine of Hollywood:

By the way, IT'S IN MY SIZE, oh to keep or to sell on etsy? That's the real question.

Another 60's swimsuit by Bobby Len:

Shirt Dress:

I'm pretty sure this one is from the 90's and ergo not vintage but I really love it:

The colors in this picture don't come out right but this is a simple work dress with pockets:


I love Paisley:

And lastly, a cotton lightweight number:

I have to say though, my favorite finds of the day were my very first pieces of vintage pyrex!

I know Pyrex is a huge fad right now but I love it too. My mom had a few dishes and they've lasted forever.


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  1. aww, the proposal sounds so sweet! i love love, too. great thrift finds! i say keep the swim suit. it's so difficult to find a good one, and this one does have some really cute details. plus, if it's your size, maybe it's a sign! xoxo


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