Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Steal of a Deal

I had an awesome weekend. It consisted of swap meeting, thrift shopping, baby showering, Lunching with my girlfriends, churchgoing, super bowling, and a chocolate fair.

I picked up some plain white onesies to decorate for the baby shower but I ended up keeping the one I made because I wasn't 100% happy with it. I cut out the little felt whale sewed it on and sewed the curly water spray.

 Trey says the curlies make him look confused haha!
I think it's pretty adorable and I'll keep it for my little one but I didn't feel good enough about it to give as a gift.
Do any of you know easy and cute ways to decorate onesies?

My steals of deal this weekend were from the swap meet:
$2 Pyrex!!

$1 TMNT baby shirt!
I can't wait for my baby boy to get here, I have so many outfits for him!

28 weeks along today, I'll take the picture tomorrow. 
I have to run and get ready for having friends tonight.

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