Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Bunting

This year Trey and I agreed to hand make each other valentine's day presents. I had to think a lot to figure out something to get him that he would use and enjoy. I could have knitted him a scarf or a beanie but this is Phoenix and how often does he wear them? I read that guys like it when you knit them socks (I'm not sure that's true but it sounded nice) but I don't know how to knit socks and figured my first pair would come out really wonky.
I spent a fair amount of time googling "handmade valentine's presents for guys" to no avail. I finally decided to embroider our monogram and it looks super cute. I also made us a Valentine's Day Bunting. Trey loves it when I make him things, even when they don't serve any purpose besides decoration. He was really happy with the gifts.
He wrote out the whole story of our first meetings and how we started dating, wrote me a poem, made a cover on MS paint and laminated it all in a little book for me. It was so sweet, I teared up a bit. He's way more of a romantic than I am, I have to try pretty hard. <3

I found two good tutorials on making bunting and adapted them: The Bothered OwlSee Mommy Sew

 Traced out a triangle pattern 9" by 8"
 Chose fabrics.
 This would have been a lot easier if I could have found my rotary cutter but it's nowhere to be found. But the next steps were a lot of pinning...
 ...And cutting
 Lined up the triangles in order
 I can't draw nice big letters so I had to print out my letters and cut out the stencils. Then trace them onto my fabric. I added fusing to the fabric so that the letters would be stiff and not fray.
 Zig Zagged the letters onto the flags.
 My bunting was double sided so I sewed the flags with right sides together and left the top open because It was closed at the top with "bias tape". Be sure that if you letter both sides of the bunting to set the letters up to read correctly. It helps to write out both sides with the needed spaces and then lay out the flags in order.
 I used ribbon as bias tape and folded it over the tops of the flags and zig zagged it across each flag leaving about 15" on either side for ties.

  I figure it'll be something that we'll be able to hang every year and I'm really happy with how it turned out.


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