Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekend Finds!

This weekend Trey and I were helping his dad watch a booth at a toy shop. I totally made out on that deal. I found:

Beauty and the Beast lunchbox and Thermos


Mrs. Potts Teapot (or it could be a cookie jar)

There was also a really cool quilting store across the parking lot from the toy shop that I looked through a ton of awesome fabrics and bought a new embroidery hoop, It's teal.

In a roundabout way, toy shows are kind of what got me into collecting and vintage. My husband's dad collects and sells vintage toys. Star wars toys from the 60s and 70s, Megos, all sorts of action figures... When I first started dating Trey I really had no idea about any of that stuff. Trey's dad showed me some of his collection and I think Trey was a little embarrassed about it or maybe thought I would think it was nerdy. It totally is nerdy but I don't mind. It's fun to collect rare things, Search for them, look through swap meets and garage sales. On one of our first dates Trey took my to this big antique mall, I had never been to one and I expected a bunch of smelly old furniture but I had a great time. There was jewelry, old toys, and tons of odds and ends. I really liked the old fashion catalogs and vintage hats. That's where the fascination started. If my now FIL hadn't been a collector, Trey wouldn't have known about the antique mall or taken me. 
I had always loved fashion but had never studied vintage fashion until then. 

So that's my story.


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