Friday, March 25, 2011

Sincerely Rae Giveaways!

Today is a big day for Sincerely Rae. As a sponsor for and this month, we're (I'm) being featured in their monthly giveaways! I'm pretty excited about this as you can probably tell. I've never been part of a giveaway yet (though I've enter a ton of them) and I hoping it'll bring in a lot of new readers and shoppers.

So check them out and enter:

The other sponsor's giveaways are pretty fabulous as well, so you don't want to miss this!

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  1. Hi. I hopped over from "One Pearl Button". I was a sponsor of Alli's for a couple of months and it was a great in increasing my traffic flow. I hope you find it has the same results! Your blog is super cute!


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