Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up (photo heavy)

We had a busy weekend; a neighborhood wide garage sale day, a baby shower, thrift shopping and a birthday party.

Here are my best weekend finds:
Pretty vintage fabrics found while thrift shopping.

 Patterns for eventual dressmaking.
 (Check out her sunglasses?)
These two were my favorites.

An awesome tablecloth and 69 cent interfacing.

I can't wait to wear my new belt! 

One of my good friends wrapped up my new baby tub in fabric, because it was such an odd shape. So last night I sewed up a bib and burp cloth; it's such a cute pattern I love it!

My Sister-in-law made me this awesome tricycle diaper cake!! It's probably 2 and a half feet long. I'll post of the pictures of the other two diaper cakes she made and the rest of the shower later on.

And lastly, here's the photo I posted for week 10 of the MCP project 52. The theme was "Out of the Jewelry Box" I'm not in love with it but I waited until the last minute to take it so that's what I get.

Good Monday Everyone!


  1. you sure packed a lot into your weekend! i love the dress patterns, and look forward to seeing how they turn out. xo

  2. I am dying to get out my sewing machine.
    I can't believe your sister in law made that diaper cake. Its amazing!! I have never seen one like that before!


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