Thursday, April 14, 2011

37 Weeks

It's finally time! My baby boy is full term! Sure, he could arrive anytime from now to five weeks from now but it still feels pretty monumental to me.

Horizontal stripes may not have been the best look all over my bursting body but this tunic is super comfy and one of the only remaining outfits that fit my belly.  haha

One more day for voting! Help a girl out!!


  1. I love the red sweater! And I cannot wait to meet your little man :)

    - Deanna

  2. Lovely outfit, you look amazing to be 37 weeks, very stylish if I do say so myself:)

    Nice cardigan, I like how you paired it with the stripe tunic!

  3. i am really so happy to hear that you and Trey will have your little baby. He is believed to be as handsome as his father and as bright as his mother. :)
    --Rex Hu

  4. Love the stripes with the red!

    Monique xx


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