Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Whimsical Wednesday

This week's Whimsical Wednesday theme is Woodland Critters. Mostly because I really wanted the theme of the baby's nursery to be woodland critters but I ended up not buying the crib bedding set. And when I said woodland critters people thought I meant jungle animals, which is apparently really popular in baby items. Jungle animals are still super cute but quite what I was going for. haha. When I was searching for pictures for this post I learned that "Woodland Critters" is a South Park reference, also not what I was going for... I'm rambling,

Moving on...

My favorite new woodland critters from Paper Sparrow

There's nothing like a bunch of cute little animals peeking through a picture to brighten my day. Click the links below the pictures and check out each photographers work. It's a definite mood lifter.

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