Thursday, May 5, 2011

Whimsically Late

I had every intention of writing this yesterday, but somehow I never sat down and did it. Poor Oliver got circumcised yesterday, but he was a champ about it and didn't even bleed very much. I also sewed up a Moby style wrap. My friend April made me a camo print one and told me how to make this one:

Sorry about the cell phone picture quality. I'm too tired to break out my real camera. I really love the color! It's a little bit lighter than it looks in the picture. These wraps are five and a half yards long, it took me forever to sew both sides of it. Over 30 feet! I'll write up a DIY from making them at some point.

I came across a really cute vintage baby girl dress when I was shopping for more to put up in my vintage store. Which made me search on Etsy for vintage baby boy clothes. They're adorable! I don't know why I didn't look at them before. So, that's this week's theme:

Oliver's Future Vintage Wardrobe

I'm loving all the nautical themed outfits. Trey said I can only dress him up like this until he's old enough that it'll ruin his reputation haha.

From last week. His newborn pictures are tomorrow,  I can't wait!

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