Thursday, May 27, 2010

Saturday on Thursday!

Trey and I both had a day off of work today and since we are going to be busy separately on Saturday we decided to have our outing day today!
First of all, I actually went to the gym this morning, I've been slacking off for about a month and it's time to get back into my routine.  =/

Then we were off to Big Lots to shop for our party on Sunday. Paper laterns for the backyard, candles, tablecloths, and a GARDEN GNOME SET. I really should have taken a picture of the little guy, he had an owl on his shoulder and a giant mushroom statue came with him. I'm get picture of him protecting my garden on here soon.

Then we headed to the library, I applied for a card (I got accepted too!) Checked out a few knitting books (knitting in the style of the 1940's!), a few on photo editing, vintage decorating, and a new novel. Trey got a Jehovah's Witness book and one on Wicca and mysticism in Arizona (he likes to study religions). I imagine our check out list looks rather strange all put together.

The shopping and browsing made us a bit hungry so we headed to our favorite Mexican food place.

I felt bad because the waitress had to come back three times to refill our chips, bean dip, and salsa. YUM!

Now this looks disgusting but, trust me, it was pure deliciousness in our mouths.

and that, my friends, is the look of stuffed stomachs =]

Next stop: One of the best parks in the valley, it used to be a farm and it has tons of critters running around. When we pulled into the parking lot there were bunnies running around!
Roam free Thumper! Roam free!

One of the peacocks hanging about.
He wanted me to take the picture from his good side ;)

 This piece of art caught my eye, the colors were so brilliant in the sunshine.

The real reason we were at the park was to Geo-cache,

"Hush though, Muggles about." (geocache joke, anyone?)

I sat in the shade while Trey searched, apparently I didn't realize how hot it would be today when I decided to wear a plaid polyester shrug/jacket...

After the park we headed to my favorite thrift store. I found some awesome pieces but I won't show you now, I want them to be a surprise when I open my Etsy in the near future.

All in all, it was a wonderful day with my love. We'll probably be doing the same thing 50 years from now. Maybe not Geo-caching though, it'll probably have been passed up for time travel or hover-crafting.

Well, I better get back to my knitting <3


  1. oh, you two are so cute together! looks like you had a fabulous day. i hope you don't mind me saying, but i think your fella looks like owen wilson. :)

  2. Hahahah He gets that all the time! We just need to break his nose and he could be a stand-in for Owen.


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