Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Whimsical Wednesday

I had to wait until after work to post up this week's Whimsical Wednesday. My third day of work was wonderful, I really enjoy my co-workers and the atmosphere of the whole store. Also I secretly love wearing the earpiece and walkie-talkie, maybe it's the kid in me, but I feel SO cool talking into it. I guess it isn't a secret anymore...

The theme for this week's Whimsical Wednesday is clocks.
Even though I'm not very good at keeping time or arriving places on time, I love clocks and watches. I think it's amazing how they work and have always wondered how all those tiny parts fit together.

Here are a few favorite I've found:

1) Pocket Watch Pendant

2) Pocket Watch & Bokeh
Found here.

3) Egg Beater Wall Clock

Found here. If you follow the link there is a DIY of how to make your own. =]

4) Wells Cathedral clock, an astronomical clock in the north transept of Wells Cathedral, England.

This site is really informational and interesting:  Found here.

5) Retro Alarm Clock
With cats?
Found here.

6) Time Dreams
Found here.

7) Classic Chevy Headlight Clock

Found here.

8) Snow White Coo Coo Clock
Found here.

9) Crochet Clock!

With a face!
Found here. If you follow the link you can buy the pattern from the lady's Etsy shop and make one yourself.

10) Doily Clock

The Etsy seller of this clock makes several other and they are beautiful. I realllly want to buy one (Hint, Hint, Husband of mine)

Found here.

See You Next Time,

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