Monday, January 24, 2011


That feels like all I did this weekend. My parents were in town so we went to dinner with them at our favorite Thai restaurant. We had a gift card from Christmas to the Macaroni Grill, so we went there for lunch. Our friends invited us over for dinner, so we ate their delicious food. After Church, We went to lunch with Trey's parents and my Dad to an amazing Mexican restaurant, so we ate again.
I simply can't resist it when delicious food is placed in front of me, Especially when it's free!
I don't mean to sound like a complainer but I am so full from the weekend I think the baby had to retreat to a small space in my belly. He's probably crushed! I also have my monthly doctor's appointment and this time I'm drinking the "Glucola"(sugar water) and getting tested for gestational diabetes. So I'm praying that my weight will not affect my poor baby.

On to other news..

I actually got a few new item up in the shop. It has been looking a lot the same for quite a few months. My old job was taking up a lot of time with it's random schedule and working weekends. So now I'm back and I'm focused.
I have a few more pieces to but up but then I'll need to go hunting for more inventory.

I'm also thinking of new items and ways to really set my shop apart. There are hundreds if not thousands of vintage resellers on Etsy. I need to find a niche. My Mom is a Realtor and she is always saying "Differentiate or die". I really want to pick one or two eras and stick to listing clothing only from then. The problem is that I love the 40's, 50's and 60's and most of the clothes I find in good condition are from the 80's. So it'll take a lot more work and searching.

My dream is to actually sew the styles I love from vintage patterns and sell those. My dressmaking skills aren't quite up to par though and I need to practice.

Here's a shop I just died when I saw Vogue by Vague
So this lady Vera Vague sews these pieces from reclaimed vintage materials on a vintage singer and creates the most gorgeous outfits.

Anyway, I'm practically green,
And inspired.


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  1. aw, this is such a sweet little thing!
    Thanks for including me here Rae. I'm totally tickled :)

    p.s. I think your idea of picking a specific era and focusing on that is a very good one.
    the only problem is narrowing it down! I'm in love with too many different styles, too ( ..maybe that's why I have 4 etsy shops!)

    bon chance et merci mon ami.


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