Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Hedgehog softie!

I found this awesome craft blog, LollyChops. This lady knows how to craft! Seems like everyday she's got a new innovative craft project. She also has free down-loadable embroidery patterns and patterns for softies. So I'm making the one she calls Hammie:
So adorable, I've been wanting to start sewing these because they are a quick project. My usual tendency to start a big project and not finish it doesn't work so well with a one day project. haha
So here's mine:

I'm not done yet so I'll have to post pictures when I get the quills tacked on and the eyes =]
I really love it, I was going to use a different material than the one Lollychops did hers in but I happened to have picked up a teal segment from the craft store, without knowing it, that looks exactly like hers and it's super cute. Maybe I'll make a brother for him in some vintage material. 

Oh, by the way, In Honor of Design is having a giveaway for the Ultimate Valentine Party Package from some awesome designers so skip on over there and enter!



  1. Okay that is the cutest project ever!! I need to bookmark this one.
    Thanks for entering the giveaway!!
    Good luck:D

  2. This is super cute! Maybe if I am feeling ambitious I will break this out and give that cutie a try :)


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