Thursday, March 10, 2011

Honey Palette

I'm making decisions on how to decorate the baby's nursery, which is just one side of our bedroom. I'd love to have a whole room to decorate but that's not in the cards right now. The crib and changing table are a dark wood tone:

These are part of the crib set from IKEA

I'm thinking of painting the wall behind the crib in a honey color. 
The opposite wall which is behind our bed is a warm chocolate brown. So, now I just need to decide which shade of honey.

This article from Better Homes and Gardens was what inspired me to choose this color. I'm not really that great when it comes to interior decorating. I really have to think a lot about where to place items and color schemes. So any help would be appreciated or if you have any links to baby rooms that are mom and dad's room too. I want it be really warm with pops of color that work for the nursery aspect but aren't overwhelming for our space either.

These are all actual colors from BEHR.
These are ones that I grabbed from the article, I'm leaning towards the second set. 


Clip art from Pugly Pixel

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