Friday, March 4, 2011

Thrifting score!

Trey and I stumbled across what is possibly the best invention ever: Goodwill by the pound shopping outlet!
$1.29 per pound on everything.
I snapped up some clothes for me and the baby, (There wasn't any vintage dresses or such that really caught my eye) Embroidery floss, wool linen napkins to embroider, a couple collectible toys, a vintage suitcase, sewing material, a beauty and the beast thermos! and so much more. All for a dollar twenty-nine a pound!
You really had to dig around to search since it was all in big bins, and the smell was not so great, but it was worth it.

I'll have to post up some pictures later.
In other exciting news: one of my prints was featured in this Etsy treasury: Lights, Camera, Action


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  1. We have a weigh and pay Goodwill here in Flagstaff too. Everyone there is always pushy but they have the most random things and it is so cheap! :)


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