Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend Finds

First off, a little lol from PostSecret:

This weekend Trey and I took a mini vacation to Tucson. We drove up Friday morning, grabbed a bite to eat (more than a "bite" actually, it was a Chinese buffet), found the Mecca of Goodwills that I talked about in my last post, swam in the hotel pool and relaxed. Saturday and Sunday consisted of swap meeting, more thrifting, more swimming, and helping my Father in Law at the huge Tucson Toy Show.

The best part of Tucson is most definitely Eegee's:
Imagine a tasty slushy, not too sweet with bits of frozen fruit in it.
Mine was strawberry, of course. 
I had tons of fun at the toy show too:

Our Booth.
My Sister in Law and I.

On to the weekend finds:
Toys for the baby.
Three huge hoops and embroidery floss.
$7 dollar flats from the swap meet and they were new in the box too.

Peekablue and Kowl, I'm a total nerd for She-Ra.

Small silver treasures.

Thrifted cashmere sweater.

Brownie, fawn, and vintage green suitcase.

Picnic Basket. I'm envisioning spring picnics in the grass, under a shade tree. I need a nice patchwork quilt, now. For now it's functioning as a catch-all for my bedside table.
I also found a couple new dresses for the shop but they need to photographed properly still.


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