Thursday, April 21, 2011

38 Weeks

This week, I decided to do a prego survey that I saw over at The Not So Pharaoh Farrows.

How Far Along: 38 weeks
Total Weight Gained: 35 pounds... UGH.
Sleep: Has been alright this week expect for shooting hip pain every time I roll over and frequent trips to the bathroom
Best Moment of the Week: Hearing my baby's heartbeat and knowing I'm a week closer to seeing him.
Food Cravings: Everything!! Especially cake, which I'm not supposed to be eating.
Food Aversions: None haha
Symptoms: Exhaustion, hip pain, Sciatic nerve pain, swollen feet and calves.
Hubby's Symptoms:I think he might be even more exhausted than I am! and sympathy cravings.
Movement: lots, he's tapping around all the time.
Gender: Boy, daddy is so proud.
What I miss: Sushi, coffee, regular size shoes, and fitting into clothes.
What I'm looking forward to: Holding my son.
Weekly Wisdom: Stay patient and don't dwell on how long the days are taking to pass.
Milestones: 12 days until the big D day!


I need more songs for my labor playlist on my iPod, Suggestions?


  1. Rachael, these pictures are gorgeous! You are so beautiful!! I can't wait to see your maternity photos as well :)

    As for your labor playlist, I'm not sure I can recommend anything since I don't know what kind of music you like, but after your little boy is born, put on the song "wonder" by colin meloy (of the decemberists). It's amazing.

    all my love, b

  2. Just so you know... I had a size 4.5 shoe size and I now where a 6! It was heartbreaking that I couldn't get sneakers from the kid section anymore.
    As for music my son loved the sound of whales and taiko drums. I think the drums reminded him of my heartbeat.
    Good luck!

  3. Wow you are very beautiful and I have no doubt that your son would be the same. I'm quite excited for you and your husband and I love how you are keeping tract of everything, so I'm guessing this is your first child(?)

    I would like to do the same for my child if I get lucky.

    God bless and good luck!!!


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