Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Collection Swap Part 2

A little while ago I blogged about the collection swap I participated in thrown by Oh Hello Friend. I posted all the awesome things that I received in the swap but I didn't want to post what I sent because I didn't want my swap partner to see them before she opened them in the mail.

Here are the list of things she sent me to keep an eye out for:

"owls/birds - anything really: fabric, art, figurines, jewelery
fossils/minerals/rocks - my dad was a rock collector. I love quartz. Also, semi-related, petrified wood & drift wood. 
old maps - I love cartography in general, also included in this is old travel brochures. 
vintage postcards - see above for this too. any really but mostly pre-1960. really love when they have notes on the back.
speciman charts - as you can probably tell, I love nature related things. This goes along with that. Doesn't have to be vintage. Love the modern graphic take on the charts. 
Here are some other things not on included on the above:
milk glass
vintage gardening/farming paraphernalia"

I had a few things already that I thought would work. I couple of the owl playing cards, a gemstone necklace that I made last year and a really beautiful polished stone that had a plant (i think) growing in it at some point.

For the other things, I got to shop around in my favorite antique mall.

A couple postcards pre-1940's and two maps from the 70's I think.

I also found some Geodes at the Goodwill and a cute bird print scarf.
Then I packaged everything up and sent it off to her. Note my adorable new stamps; Thanks Mom!

I think I'm becoming a big fan of blog swaps. Oh and I'm 38 weeks along today!


  1. Love your stamps!! So cute! :)



  2. Aren't swaps so much fun?! Love the way these are packaged! So many fun items:)

    And oh my gosh 38 weeks?! eek!! exciting!


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